Privacy policy

Viva Nation Radio respects your privacy. This privacy policy was created to explain to our listeners and other users about the type of personal information we collect when you are using our website, smartphone app and other integrated platforms, and how we use this information. This Privacy Policy will help you feel secure.

Data we collect

In specific situations, Viva Nation Radio may collect personal data that can identify the user outside the Web. These data, such as name, address and telephone number, will be collected solely and exclusively for the use in features offered by the website, smartphone app or other integrated systems. The data is collected only when the user uses a specific resource that requires it, or if they are actively entered by users in the corresponding fields.

The Viva Nation Radio server automatically stores your IP address, Browser, Operating System, language, date and URL used for browsing (This procedure is standard and all Internet applications and websites do it automatically for statistical purposes).

Data How it is used
Browser and computational data IP address;
Date and time of access;
Session duration;
Browser settings and data, operating system and connection data;
Approximate geographic location.
Provide access and operation of our websites, platforms and services, collection of statistics for analysis and improvement for a better user experience and to meet the necessary legal requirements.
Contact Forms (Song requests, Messages, Comments, Polls, Promotions and other interactive features) Name;
Audio recordings (Optional);
Text messages;
Identification of the user who wants to contact us and interpretation of his message.
Real-time chat system Name;
Text messages;
Required for access and use of the live chat system.

How we use your data

Viva Nation Radio does not use any data collected for commercial purposes. The data we collect is used solely and exclusively for statistical and functional purposes.

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